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Well took my vette on a nice drive outside Charlot...
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Well the sun was out thou a bit cool, but as Rick Conti says all the time: "Quit dreaming and start driving!" Thus I took my 2016 Z06 for a spin. Started from Manassas down 28 south, then went to 15 South until about 26 miles outside of Charlottesville and took 33 west to 340 North to 211 East then back to 340 North to Front Royle. Then took 66 back home. There was a lot of country side, really nice farms, cows, and the sun and joy of driving my Corvette. I like doing these Sunday drives to just get out of the house and see parts of the State many do not see. I love taking back roads and curves to test out the handling of the car. Really enjoyed the drive and the day.

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