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Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
JT, Brash & Génesis
7 photos - updated 3/24/2023
2023_02_25 Winter Banquet
14 photos - updated 3/12/2023
2023_02_13 Weekday Wanderers @ PaveMint BBQ
10 photos - updated 2/16/2023
2022_11_12 Corvettes at Biltmore
41 photos - updated 12/17/2022
A visit by ODCC members to the historic Tapoco Lodge and the Tail of the Dragon
2022_10_31 Tail of the Dragon
33 photos - updated 11/22/2022
ODCC member's visit to Charlotte, NC and the car show at Rick Hendrick's facility
2022_10_30 Queen City Corvette Club Show
35 photos - updated 11/18/2022
ODCC and Friends at Loy's Station Covered Bridge and Spring Hill Winery / Brewery / Distillery
2022_10_22 Covered Bridge Tour
48 photos - updated 11/16/2022
2022_09_17 End of Summer Picnic (with NVCC)
22 photos - updated 9/27/2022
2022_08_26 Corvettes at Carlisle
8 photos - updated 9/19/2022
2022_07_17 Museum of the Army
34 photos - updated 9/19/2022
2022_05_30 Apple Blossom Parade
7 photos - updated 9/19/2022
2022_06_19 ODCC at LaGrange Winery
13 photos - updated 9/19/2022
Club Member Trading Cards
23 photos - updated 8/16/2022
2022_08_13 33rd Annual Cruise-In
75 photos - updated 8/16/2022
2022_08_13 Cruise-In License Plates
50 photos - updated 8/16/2022
2022_08_07_30 Vettes for Vets
45 photos - updated 8/16/2022
2022_07_04 Leesburg 4th of July Parade
27 photos - updated 8/16/2022
2022_06_05 ODCC members cars at NVCC
10 photos - updated 8/16/2022
2022_04_29 NCM Bash Cruise
11 photos - updated 8/16/2022
2022_04_26 Tail of the Dragon Cruise
10 photos - updated 8/16/2022
Our annual detailing clinic at Odds and Ends detailing. Thank you Darryl!
2022_04_16 Detailing Clinic
7 photos - updated 8/16/2022
A few photos from our annual chili and cornbread competition.
2021_12_11 Chili Cook-off
13 photos - updated 8/16/2022
ODCC Caravanned to Carlisle for the 2021 show.
2021_08_27-Corvettes at Carlise
20 photos - updated 8/16/2022
2021_08_14-32nd Annual All Corvette Cruise-In
157 photos - updated 8/16/2022
Some club members visited the Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum (and then went to lunch).
2021_07_24-ODCC Visit to Udvar Hazy Museum
7 photos - updated 8/16/2022
2021_07_10-Vettes for Vets Car Show
45 photos - updated 8/16/2022
ODCC and NVCC combined to have about 20 Corvettes in this year's Leesburg Parade, followed by lunch at Monk's BBQ. Great fun for all. People were shouting "Here come the Corvettes!"
2021_07_04-Leesburg Independence Day Parade
44 photos - updated 8/16/2022
We had about a dozen ODCC cars participate in the Purcellville, VA parade this year. Great fun, and the parade watchers really loved the Corvettes.
2021_07_03-Purcellville Independence Day Parade
16 photos - updated 8/16/2022
Some of our members had a great time testing their skills at the NCM Motorsport Park.
2021_06_24-NCM Track Day!
30 photos - updated 8/16/2022
Our Visit to the museum exhibits.
2021_06_24-NCM Museum_Visit
35 photos - updated 8/16/2022